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"Tell me what were their names, tell me what were their names?"


On September 11, 2012, the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya came under attack. It came under attack, not because of an anti-Mohamed YouTube video, as Obama and his lackeys insisted for weeks, it came under attack by well armed, combat experienced, terrorist, and was well planned in advance. The attack was a great success. Libyan security at the consulate bolted at the first shot, discarding their weapons and uniforms as they fled, either in preplanned reaction, or fear for their lives. The consulate was set afire, and in the confusion the bulk of staff there huddled in terror, not knowing what to do next. The U.S. Ambassador to Libya was at the consulate that day for a meeting in spite of the fact that it was the anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon ten years earlier. The limited U.S. security detail hustled him into a safe room. Frantic calls went out for help, but help was not forthcoming, at least not as a result of their pleas, so they waited, dreading what might happen next and praying for their lives to be spared.

At a CIA annex nearby, unaffiliated with the consulate, two private contractors, tasked with the mission of ferreting out the locations of myriad U.S. supplied weapons gone missing in Libya, were bunking in for the night. Former Navy SEALS and combat veterans, they immediately reacted to the sound of gunfire. They sought direction from higher authority, and were told to 'stand down'. Being a Navy veteran I know exactly what the order to 'stand down' means. It means go back to your workplace, or barracks, and continue normal daily routine. The only order to a condition of greater relaxation would have been 'knock off'. I realize that the situation was confused, but an order to 'stand down' was totally absurd. The order should have been, 'stand by', which means remain at a condition of readiness and await further instruction. They were obviously confused by the order. Heavy firing continued to be heard from the direction of the consulate, and they were told to do nothing?

These two brave men refused to remain safely in the annex, something serious was going on and they intended to find out what. They ignored the order to 'stand down', and in time honored military tradition, marched, unarmed though they were, to the sound of the guns. As they neared the consulate, nearly a mile away, they realized the gravity of the situation and that American lives might be at risk. They had begun to gather arms and ammunition they had found discarded along the way by the fleeing Libyan security detail. Reaching the consulate, and by this time, fully locked and loaded, they immediately knew the situation was out of hand. The complex was afire, Libyan civilians, and possibly terrorists, were wandering in and out, some armed, and no single member of the Libyan consulate security force was in evidence. They recognized immediately that Hell was in session. Their reaction was immediate, and one that will inspire brave and honorable men till the end of time. They scaled the wall and entered the compound, laying down a field of fire to scare off bystanders and discourage possible attackers. Shortly they began to restore some sort of order. They located the twenty or so State Department employees cowering inside and shepherded them out of their hiding place. They searched for the Ambassador, but unfortunately he was already dead from smoke inhalation, trapped like a fox in his den in his so called, 'safe room'. They then led all living U.S. personnel out of the consulate grounds, and escorted them safely back to the CIA annex, where they were all transported to the airport, and shortly flown safety out of the country. Left virtually alone at the annex, the two contractors set up to defend themselves. Armed only with the weapons they had recovered and what was in place, they assumed a defensive position. They fully informed higher authority of the situation, continued to keep them continuously informed, and called for reinforcement.

For a time there was a lull, as the former SEAL contractors manned positions at the machine gun emplacements on the roof, and relayed continuous situational reports to higher authorities. In the meantime, the terrorists had regrouped and planned their next move. If they had not had prior knowledge of the location of the CIA annex, they soon learned from members of the Libyan consulate security detail, who have been providing them information all along. In strong force, fully armed with high caliber automatic weapons, RPG's, and mortars, they moved into position to attack.

The two former SEAL contractors knew their condition of vulnerability. There was only the two of them, and no telling how many potential foe out there in the dark. They were informed that there was an armed drone overhead, and were led to believe that additional reinforcement and relief was on the way. They stood at their guns.

Exactly how the attack proceeded, once it began, we have no definite knowledge, other than it was massive, and resulted in the deaths of our two brave men. When it commenced it would have been immediately obvious to them that they were in an extremely perilous situation. Without doubt, they still believed that the relief and reinforcement they had been promised was on the way. Had they known the truth, that this expected force had, in fact, not only not been dispatched, it would never be, their best option would have been to abandon the annex and steal away in the darkness, away from the attack and out of the trap. No doubt as the terrorist continued to press the attack, they must have finally realized that they were entirely on their own, that help would never come. They did not flinch, nor did they meanly and cowardly fly. They had made their decision, and it was to there stand, or there fall. They proceeded to lay down a field of deadly accurate fire upon their foe. In the end the terrorists overwhelmed them with superior force, the mortars found the range, and the roof of the annex was obliviated in smoke and flame. The battle was over.

Subsequent to the battle we have learned little more than the scant details related, other than they found sixty or more of the attackers dead on the battlefield. In spite of the fact that every communication, both in and out of the embassy and the annex, are recorded somewhere, the Obama administration refuses to release them. The survivors of the attack on the embassy, though all US citizens and employees of the State Department, remain unknown, as is their whereabouts. Efforts of Senators, Congressmen, the news media, and independent organizations to unearth the facts are rebuffed by the Obama administration. The whole affair, including the death of the US Ambassador, a member of his staff, and the two brave contractors has been sluffed off by the President, as "...bumps in the road." The Secretary of State, in testimony just last week before Congressional committees, has stated, in reference to these deaths, "What difference does it make now?" Had these two men still worn the uniform they would certainly be recommended for the Congressional Medal of Honor. As civilians they should certainly be considered for the highest civilian award the US Government may bestow. As is, their deaths have slipped into obscurity, forgotten by the President, forgotten by the Secretary of State, and ignored by the main stream media.

Napoleon once stated, "In the life of any general who would be great, there comes a time when he must disobey orders." I doubt these two brave men had ever heard this dictum, but they reacted accordingly nonetheless. They ignored an order that was unconscionable, and carried out their duty in the honorable tradition of the US Navy in which they had once served. They fought their way into a perilous situation, rescued over twenty US personnel, whose lives would have otherwise have been forfeit, and saved the day for the US Government and the President, then died in the aftermath. They were true American Heroes, in the tradition laid down since Bunker Hill, New Orleans, the Gate of Mexico, Gettysburg, Manila Bay, Belleau Wood, Bastogne, Pork Chop Hill, and Khe Sanh. For this they deserve to be honored and remembered, forever!

"Tell me what were their names, tell me what were their names?"

I'll tell you their names, they were Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, former US Navy SEALS, and true American Heroes. Never forget them!

John Edwin Roberts
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The Resignation of General David Petraeus

By John Edwin Roberts

David Petraeus' resignation as head of the CIA, citing an extramarital affair as the reason, is utter nonsense. There is far more to the matter than meets the eye, and San Diego Beachlife Magazine intends to get to the heart of the matter.

My first thoughts are it is tied intimately to the Benghazi debacle, and the attempts, and intentions of the Obama administration to cover up the damning facts that point straight to the Oval Office. My strong suspicion is Petraeus wasn't going to lie to cover up the culpability of the President, and the administration threatened him with exposure of his indiscretion, which was obviously know to them. Now he's resigned for the very reason he was threatened, and as a private citizen, can now tell the truth and let the Devil take the hindmost.

The fire of the Benghazi affair goes higher 'n higher, and before it's over will become a blazing inferno. Stand by for more on the investigation as we delve deeper into the morass in which it is presently enmeshed.


John E. Roberts
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