Gregory "Greg" Cipes
Jr. Pro Surfer
Pre-Contest Party

Jeff and Scott Warwick's House
on Brighton Ave. (pronounced B-Right-On Ave.) in Ocean Beach, California.
All Photographs Copyright © Tom C. Marshall and San Diego Beachlife Magazine®
Party Crowd at Jeff's 6L1.JPG (22016 bytes)

Greg with the Girls 6L1.JPG (22412 bytes)
Gregory and his legion of female friends. The girls wish Greg well in the Longboard division in Oceanside tomorrow, July 16th 1998.

Scott in Kitchen 6L1.JPG (25989 bytes)
Scott Warwick: Super Hot Men's Division
Longboarder mixes 1960's Soul Surfing with Classic Power moves.
Greg and Girlfriend 6L1.JPG (24570 bytes)
Gregory's girlfriend keeps him out of party mischief.

Contest Day - July 16th 1998
Greg was to call me at 5:30 AM and wake me up. Instead, I was up at 5:00 and ready to go by 5:45. So... I went next door and found Greg and a house full of "Surf Rats" asleep on couches, floors and one guy curled up in the Kitchen between the stove and refrigerator. I kicked Greg in the head and yelled "Off Your Butts and On Your Feet".  We pulled into the contest area with about one minute to spare.

Greg Greets Margot 6L1.JPG (20745 bytes)
Greg meets good friend and fellow Florida contestant Margot Mantovani.
13_29 Greg Cipes Get Five 29x44 L1.JPG (20041 bytes)
Greg gets five on his way to the finals.
13_16 Greg Cipes Cuts Back 29x44 L1.JPG (19279 bytes)
Greg Cipes "Cuts Back With Some 60's Soul".
12_10 Greg Cipes Under Water 29x44 L1.JPG (14767 bytes)
Gregory Cipes - Underwater.
12_04 Greg Cipes In the Sweet Spot 29x44 L1.JPG (14533 bytes)
Gregory Cipes - In the Sweet Spot.
12_17 Greg Cipes Up The Wall 29x44 L1.JPG (15338 bytes)
Gregory Cipes - Up The Wall.
12_36 Jeff Warwick 29x44 L1.JPG (20949 bytes)
Jeff  "Mr. Smooth"  Warwick - Snowboard Instructor to the Stars during the Winter
and Greg Cipes' Coach/Manager during the Summer.
13_34 Margot Mantovani 29x44 L1.JPG (16353 bytes)
Margot Mantovani Powers through a Section.
13_35 Margot Mantovani 29x44 L1.JPG (14142 bytes)
Margot Mantovani gets ready to turn down the line.

Margot and Greg Check the Results 2 6L1.JPG (26205 bytes)
Margot and Greg check the standings. Both Advance!
Margot gets the News 6L1.JPG (19364 bytes)
Margot gets the news from her Mom and Surf Coach that she makes the finals and will be rated the top Jr. Women's East Coast Surfer for the Year. Margot who is deaf, communicates with her Mom and Coach by Lip Reading  English and Spanish.

052 Margot Tree Trophy Smile 7 L1.JPG (43477 bytes)
Margot Mantovani is making her Sponsors Very Happy.
She's the Top Rated East Coast Jr. Woman Surfer and surfs for.

Reef Brazil
Victory Wetsuits - Clean Ocean Surfboards - Fly Girls
Liquid Addiction Surf Shop of Fort Lauderdale.

(Editor's note: Why Reef Brazil doesn't use her as their #1 Bikini Model is a mystery to me. This Young Lady is the Complete Package.
She's a known quantity in the surfing world and is beautiful too.)
12_37 Margot Studies the Surf 29x44 L1.JPG (26664 bytes)
Margo Mantovani Studies the Surf.
043 The FreeStyle Team 7 L1.JPG (42607 bytes)
The "FreeStyle Team" (Left to Right) A.J Sehorn of Santa Cruz, California. Margot Mantovani of Deerfield Beach, Florida. Greg Cipes of Deerfield Beach, Florida. Nicole Kennedy of Santa Cruz, California and the Team Coach - D'Mea.

All Photographs Copyright © Tom C. Marshall and San Diego Beachlife Magazine®

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