July 4, 1999 - Ocean Beach
"Under The Fireworks Show"

All Photographs Copyright © Tom C. Marshall and San Diego Beachlife Magazine®

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Ocean Beach just before the Fireworks crowd became shoulder-to-shoulder.

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July 4th in Ocean Beach has the traditional fireworks show and the traditional "Paddle-Out" for surfers who paddle their surfboards to the end of the Ocean Beach Pier to be directly under the fireworks.  Every year about 200 surfers enjoy the fireworks this way.

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Surfers at Night just before the fireworks show.

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The Ocean Beach International Hostel caters to foreign travelers
who really enjoyed the July 4th Celebration in San Diego.

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J.R. Showed up driving his '49 Ford Woody. Five years ago this car was serving as a chicken-coop in Morro Bay, California. It's now "cherried-out" with an ultra-hot 302-engine. This is the kind of car the Beach Boy used to write songs about. This man is a real surfer with a real surfer's car.

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Of course July 4th in Ocean Beach would not be complet without it's traditional yet un-official bike parade.


All Photographs Copyright © Tom C. Marshall and San Diego Beachlife Magazine®


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