Pacific Beach - Street Fair - 1999

31 Shortcake 1L5.JPG (22138 bytes)

There was pleanty of food venors - So Forget the Diet!

11 Nissan Sales Team 1L5.JPG (22215 bytes)
Nissan had it's marketing team out to preview the soon to be released "XTERRA".

10 Three Guys in a Window 1L6.JPG (25498 bytes)
Three of Pacific Beach's "Most Elegible Bachlors" took
advantage of a furniture store display window to relax and girl watch.

4 Girls Skateboarding 1L6.JPG (16987 bytes)
Parking is always an issue so these three young ladies did a very
California thing, they skateboarded to the Pacific Beach Street Fair.

27 Beach Beauties 1L5.JPG (24161 bytes)
Hot Babes at a Hot Party.

7 Three Goddesses 1L6.JPG (31424 bytes)
The Zanzabar Coffee Shop was one of the many shops that were available for the Fair Crowd.
Here... The Three Goddesses of The Zanzabar... ready to help customers.

6 Bike Jumper 1L5.JPG (14105 bytes)
Lots of Bike Jumps... All Day Long... Very Impressive...

9 Glass Artist 1L5.JPG (24114 bytes)
Locally Blown Glass... with the Artist...

22 Sidewalk Bar 1L5.JPG (24562 bytes)
The Garnet Avenue "Club Sceen" had a great fun crowd all day and all night.