Pacific Beach
Block Party 2001
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I ran into my neighbor (the babe magnet) who was there with Four, count them, FOUR Babes!!! They were so eager to have their photo taken with him that they almost croweded him out of the picture.
OK, what does it take to attact women? Well, I'm tall, blond, good looking but HEY! I didn't have a SNAKE on My Head! So I didn't get the girl!

"Government Grown"

Two really cool new bands (well new to me, I'd never seen/heard of either) Last year I ran into Eve Selis and was really surprised with her great sound. This year it seems I have two "Government Grown" and a Country/Western group. Both were great groups... The thing about PB's Block Party is that there are plenty of bands and this year I found two that let me know that the Pacific Beach Block Party is always a good thing to do.

Hollowood Picture Frames by Patrick Withey & Charles Greer
Santana High School
Santee, California

I was amazed at the number of people who were walking around in groups of 3 or 4, talking on Cell Phone... I overheard one phone user complain to her friend "I can't get anyone to answer, they must all be here!"

Well Duh!!!

Will somebody please find me a tree or a fire-plug or... Hey! You in the long pants! Yeh, You! Can you just stand over here next to me for a minute?
At the end of the day, some people were still reveling
and others return to their regularly scheduled entertainment.

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