Rudy Boesch
Master Chief U.S.Navy, Retired

Who was the SURVIVOR Winner?   The viewing public was!  They got to see Rudy Boesch, a real man of  integrity.   Since the dawn of the silver screen we have seen movie stars portray men of action and ethic, men who were unwavering in convection and always true to their word.   But when Rudy Boesch became a contestant on SURVIVOR we found someone who had lived this life of action, ethic and integrity for 45 years of military service and who continued to live that life in front of us every week.  We are the winners because we got to see Rudy! 



Here Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura seeks the wise council of Rudy Boesch, Master Chief U.S. Navy Retired. When Master Chief  Rudy Boesch speaks, it's always in your best interest to pay attention, even if you are someone as important, influential and capable as the Governor of Minnesota. Both Men were impressive in their desire to accommodate a day's long endless stream of well wishers, fans and old "Team-Mates". Rudy and the Governor both moved freely among the crowd of UDT/SEAL combat Veterans. They were comfortable here, they were home.





Ruby Boesch with fellow Navy SEAL combat Veterans. 



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