San Diego
Street Scene 1999

Photos are starting to show up!
OK... We have just re-located "San Diego Beachlife Magazine®"
to our larger (more photo room and faster access) web-server. So... Now
I'm getting ready to start scanning negatives. To everyone I promised a photo, just call me. I went to the lab today for a bunch of 5x7's...
So Lee Oskar (of WAR and SOB, Same Old Band) -
Pat Dinizio (of the Smithereens -Your prints are on the way) -
The Violent Femms - Steve Miller - Coco Montoyo - Rubin Blades
Look here for photos of you and your band.

All Photographs Copyright © Tom C. Marshall and San Diego Beachlife Magazine®

1 B-Right-On Crew 5L1.jpg (27662 bytes)
The "B-Right-On" Crew getting ready for the San Diego Street Scene.

23 Lawney +25 5L1.jpg (27226 bytes)
One of the many beautiful women attending "Street Scene"
(with some guy).

6 Cuervo Gold Girl 5L1.jpg (32256 bytes)
The Cuervo 1800 booth had three models
"Painted into the Picture" and the crowd was facinated.

13 Editor with Babe 5L1.jpg (20277 bytes)
The Editor with a Goddess attending the party!
(To the girl in the photo - Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou)
Photo: Drew Robinson - Midwest Media.

23 Four Ladies Sidewalk Dining 5L1.JPG (20208 bytes)
So... Which one of you four ladies said
you weren't going to be in the Magazine?

5 Two Girls Dancing 5L1.jpg (22058 bytes)

25 Steve Miller L11.jpg (12106 bytes)
"Stevie Guitar Miller"
(That's the way Steve referred to himself on the album "Sailor")

28 Bass Player Steve Miller Band L1.jpg (14651 bytes)
Bass Player - Steve Miller Band
33 Bass Player Steve Miller Band L1.jpg (14300 bytes)

31 Troika of Love L1.jpg (19019 bytes)
The Gangster-of-Love leads the Troika-of-Love

34 Steve Miller L1.jpg (13946 bytes)

17 Party People L1.jpg (22453 bytes)
Party Hardy!
16 Imported Beach L1.jpg (27832 bytes)
In the midst of all the madness, there were places to rest, like this "Beach".

1D 11 Tuba Player L1.jpg (23795 bytes)

1D 2 Makeda Dread L1.jpg (39606 bytes)
Makeda "Dread" from the "WorldBeat Center"

1D 9 Accordian Player  L1.jpg (21799 bytes)

1D 1 Painted Girl  copy L1.jpg (24199 bytes)

4  22A Man with Parasol L12.jpg (18730 bytes)
Funny, It didn't look like rain.

4  27A Belly Dancer L1.jpg (25808 bytes)
"Hypnotizing Belly Dancer"

1 29 Pat Dinizio and Violent Femms L1.jpg (17584 bytes)
Pat Dinizio (Smithereens ) with the Violent Femms horn section.

1 Pat with Dancers L1.jpg (24058 bytes)
Pat Dinizio and Fan Club.

2D 2A Lee Oskar L1.jpg (27323 bytes)
Lee Oskar (native of Denmark) with the band formerly known as WAR
Now known as SOB - Same Old Band.

2D 14 Dancers L11.jpg (25693 bytes)
Two of the very lovely and talented "Spanish Flamenco Dancers".


I would like to extend special thanks to;

"The Belly Dancer in the Saturday Night Parade"

"The tall blond young lady that wants me to win the Lotto"

"The Goddess who let me pick her up for a photo with her"

"Lawney - For Remembering Me"

"Stevie "Guitar" Miller and Band for a Great Show and Photos"

"The Violent Femms for a Great Show and Photos"
(To the Trombone/Keyboard Player -
I got that shot of you with the super-hot blond you wanted)

"Pat Dinizio of the "Smithereens " for Being a Cool Dude"

"Coco Montoya and Band for Restoring my love of the Blues"

"And most of all, Tiffany from Oregon State University"

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All Photographs Copyright © Tom C. Marshall and San Diego Beachlife Magazine®

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